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Committed to elevating your success rate in major bids through Business Winning skills and capability enhancement, unbiased strategic advice, and BD process optimisation – improving opportunity win rates and your work-life balance.

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Are your deals ‘Must-Win’?

Business leaders choose Shipley when facing challenging deal, bid, contract, sales or negotiation interactions. Particularly those executives who carry the responsibility for consistently securing the revenue needed to protect jobs, serve customers and ensure the future of their organisation. Sales Directors, Sales Managers and Business Development Managers for decades have had Shipley helping them and their teams on significant deals. Opportunities where not only is the technical solution complex, but the stakeholder complexity requires very high situational awareness. And the management of these factors requires astute insight and the most effective influence to secure the commercial outcomes you need.

How is your customer focus?

The necessary customer focus required to #WinWork is more than just the understanding of technical requirements. This customer focus and persuasive ability – especially in written form – is mandatory in today’s business environment. When a board or senior management commissions Shipley to undertake a forensic bid or deal loss review, key issues always involve blind-spots around customer focus. Many business leaders have begun their Shipley journey with the building of Customer Focus organisation-wide. Often at all-company conferences or sales get-togethers. It is the first difference your customers will comment on, and the foundation step for superior #WinWork process and results.

What signs are you seeing?

Historically, adverse deal and contract outcomes happen through misunderstandings and miscommunication. Misunderstandings that usually begin with a rushed and seller-focused view of your customer’s real issues. Often resulting in inadequate stakeholder engagement. And weak or unfocused proposals and contracts. And puzzling low win rates. Contractual and delivery concerns, legal risks, margin or value leaked or wasted. The consequences can range from the nagging feeling your team left money on the table, all the way to career threats, even legal implications. If any of these situations and symptoms feel uncomfortably familiar – we should talk.  


Whether you need immediate help on a must-win proposal or a complete transformation of your business development process - Shipley can help.

Our experienced cadre of consultants and experts bring years of real-world experience helping clients win must win deals.


Build lasting capability through the most valuable training curriculum available for winning government or commercial business.

Bid Support

Our clients average an 88% win rate on bids when they engage Shipley to help manage and develop their proposal.

BD Consulting

Stop the cash drain and frustration resulting from disorganised and dysfunctional sales and BD operations and culture.


Leverage expert resources to boost your bid writing capability helping you win new business efficiently and effectively.

Helping Business Improve Their Win Rate Since 1972

For over 45 years, companies and individuals have repeatedly selected Shipley Associates to help them improve their business development performance, capabilities, and sales communications. Whether competing for large or small contracts, Shipley helps clients improve the probability of winning business.

Across the globe, Shipley clients win business now and build long-term sustainable capability when applying our blended-services model. By flexibly combining consulting support, training services, and integrated tools, Shipley clients improve their win probability and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Clients worldwide value this blend of solutions.

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Percent Win Rate
$Million in Bids Supported

Key Business Metrics

New Business Win rate

Incumbent Win Rate

% of existing customer contracts that are renewed, for those that have such contracts

Capture Rate

% of dollars on offer that you succeed at ‘taking off the table’

Bid Costs

an approximation of the time spent by the members of the team that contributed to each bid / proposal and their related costs in terms of salary and overhead

The Number of “No Bid” Decisions Made per Month

a sign of business maturity compared to the ‘let’s bid for this because its in our technical sweet spot’ approach that many companies adopt

Average Daily Hours Worked by the Members of your Bid Teams

to help identify to what extent the bid team is under-resourced and working too hard

Feedback From Our Clients

Words from our trusted clients

  • “This was one of the best professional courses I have ever undertaken”
    - Michelle
  • “I’ve never read an executive summary like this before, but I love it. The customer could read it and buy based just on the executive summary.” - Russel
  • “Shipley techniques and principles are invaluable to any organisation bidding competitively for work in their market”
    - Paul

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Shipley Tips

Tweaks and Tips to drive your business further


Follow these 5 organisational principles to shape a persuasive proposal

Regardless of your overarching organizational scheme, adhere to fundamental principles whenever writing to persuade your reader. These principles make your documents easier for customers to understand and improve the likelihood they will choose your proposal.   Persuasive communications conform to five fundamental organizational principles: Organize information as directed or according ...

Coordinate every customer contact to advance your position

  Consistent and positive messaging in early capture activities is easier to manage because the capture manager often plans, attends, facilitates, or arranges these activities. As an opportunity progresses, bidder conferences, site visits, and questions regarding solicitation documents introduce new individuals, including senior executives, who might know relatively little about ...