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Aspire to grow

Shipley Asia Pacific - Global leaders in business development and proposal training, consulting, and opportunity support for over 50 years.

Grow the capability you, your teams, and your organisation bring to winning opportunities with support from Shipley Asia Pacific.

Many businesses, leaders, teams, and individuals aspire to do things better.  While many strive for improvement, only some are successful.

If you are dedicated to improving your performance and developing business-winning capabilities for yourself, your team or your organisation Shipley is ready to support you. Take the first step or continue your journey with us- we will meet you where you're at.

Over the past fifty years, thousands of clients worldwide have trusted Shipley to support them in winning crucial opportunities and enhancing their abilities to pursue and secure valuable business ventures. Customers across the globe have reaped significant benefits from collaborative relationships and engagements with Shipley, resulting in well-documented, effective processes for winning business and incorporating valuable lessons learned. The Shipley Method is widely recognised as the gold standard for achieving business success in today's major corporations.

Shipley Learning


Enhance your skills, knowledge, and confidence in helping secure business wins using the Shipley Method. Gain comprehensive Shipley tools and resources based on international best practices to use immediately in your role. Plan and execute your Shipley learning pathway. Book engaging facilitated public workshops or in flexible self-paced OnDemand courses. 

Explore your learning options in the three core Shipley Method subject areas:


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Shipley Team Learning


Make winning business a more streamlined, effective, and enjoyable process for every member of your team by aligning BD skills, language, and disciplines. Unite and align your teams around repeatable, scalable Shipley Method business development and bid processes. Shipley workshops for your teams offer a strategic roadmap while fostering an environment of shared experiences, understanding, and vision.


Explore your team learning options in the three core Shipley Method subject areas:

Shipley Opportunity Support


Navigate the complexities of your must-win bids, with Shipley.  Receive unbiased, expert advice when you need it most, helping you see opportunities from your customers' perspective and present strong cases in every proposal. Improve your chances of winning with Shipley’s strategy, insights, and support, designed to help you achieve profitable bid success. 

Shipley BD Benchmarking, Consulting & BD.AI


Developing an adaptive, resilient organisational business-winning culture is paramount in a rapidly evolving business environment. Empower your leadership teams to pioneer change, foster innovation, and build a sustainable path to change. With Shipley at your side, drive BD capability improvements across your organisation.


Let's have a chat about growing your capability.